About Me


I was born February 1942 in Wilmington, North Carolina during World War II. We didn’t have much during these early years because the national war effort consumed all the country’s manufacturing capacity.  Toys were rarely seen so –when I could find paper, Mom would entertain me by helping me to see and draw the real structure in objects with the importance of light values and nurturing my love of art.  Growing up in the coastal beauty of the Carolinas was a constant inspiration with the forest, flowers, tidal marshes, ocean, and tropical storms.   Throughout my life I have enrolled in classes with local artist, seminars, and schools.  Today, I continue as a student of art continually considering all possibilities while applying newly discovered techniques.

My first juried show was the Wilmington Azalea Festival at age 17. Much to the displeasure of several professional artists – I won Best in Show and sold all my works. My love for art has always been a part of me while working 40 years in the corporate world – I always found time to paint.

The world around us is still my best inspiration and as a student of art, I spend many hours developing my thoughts and visions I want to capture.  When traveling, my passion for learning draws me into galleries where the work of others inspires my thoughts and ideas.  At times, an idea awakens me in the night resulting in partial sleep while I sort out a composition. I develop many paintings from reference photos taken while traveling and researching potential topics to compose for my painting.  I believe that all art should possess that element of capturing a person’s imagination and making them think as with good photography, good art must also sometimes capture the normal in  not-so-normal way!





Famous Artist School, Boston, Mass, three years.

Wilmington College,  Techniques and Art appreciation, Auditing

Painting Values and Application, Auditing

Jacksonville University, Graphics and Engineering Drawing

History of Art Masters and Appreciation

Art Applied Techniques and Procedures, Auditing

Individual Tutoring By several instructors over a period of 20 years.

Atlanta Art Institute Beginning and basics of painting, Auditing.

Oil Painting procedures, Auditing.

Advanced Interpretative art, Auditing

Roswell Visual Arts Center, Many classes 2008 – after by various instructors and fellow artist.



Roswell Fine Arts Alliance Members Show, People Places and thingumabobs February, 2017

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance Members Show – Genesis XXII – won Best in Show

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance Members Show, Azaleas and Friends April 2016

Did not paint in 2015, due to a surgical error with cataract surgery.

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance, Members Juried Show – Genesis XX 10/2014, Honorable Mention

Atlanta Artists Center juried show Synchroncity 1/2014

Roswell Visual Arts juried show 12/2013, won honorable mention

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance Holiday event, Bizaare Bazaar.

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance Gallery grand opening – 3 works displayed for 45 days.

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance, Members Juried Show Genesis XIX 10/2013, won first place

Display in Uptown Café five works June –January 2014

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance Members Show, March 2013

Atlanta Artist Center, Members Show, January 2013

Chairman Roswell Fine Arts Alliance , Members Juried Show Genesis XVIII 10/2012

Roswell Visual Arts Center Show, June 2012

Atlanta Artist Center, Members Show, May 2012

Atlanta Artist Center, Members Show, Feberary, 2012, won 2nd. Place.

Atlanta Artist Center, Members Show, January 2012

Chairman Roswell Fine Arts Alliance , Members Juried Show Genesis XVII 10/2011, won First Place

Roswell Cultural Art Center one man show October – December 2011

Emory Research Hospital Clinic, September – December Show, 2011

Emory Research Hospital Clinic, May – September Show, 2011

Roswell Visual Arts Center , Members Show 2011

Atlanta Artist Center, Juried Show, May 2011

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance Members Spring Show, won “Peoples Choice” award.

Atlanta Artist Center, Members Show, won 2nd place, February 2011

Emory Research Hospital Clinic, January – May Show, 2011

Roswell Fine Arts Alliance , Members Juried Show Genesis XVI, won best in show 10/ 2010

Atlanta Artist Center, Member Show – October 2010

Strawberry Fields Gallery, Alpharetta, GA, five works on assignment.

Atlanta Fine Arts Alliance Juried show, September 2010

Emory Research Hospital Clinic, July – September Show, 2010

Atlanta Artist Center, New Member Show, July 2010

Atlanta Artist Center, Passion for Red, Juried Show June 2010

Roswell Visual Arts Center, Member Juried Show, won 3rd place, May 2010

Emory Research Hospital Clinic, April – June Show 2010

Atlanta Artist Center, Dogwood Show 2010

Roswell Visual Arts Center, Three Man Show, January 2010

Roswell Visual Arts Center, Members Show 2009

Roswell Visual Arts Center, Members Show 2008